Dirty Dozen

In an effort to begin mass production of my craftiness – I thought 12 would be a good number to work with. Well, I just finished the first card collection for 2016, and 12 was too many. I did finish them – but it took over 2.5 hours I would say. Yesterday, I sat down for 1.5 hours and hashed out a good amount, and then today I only timed part of it, and that was about 35 minutes. So, in my way of doing math, I’d say it took over 2.5 hours easy to create the 12 individual cards.

Now that I type it, I guess it really isn’t that long, but doing the math, it runs about 12.5 minutes a card. Okay, that’s not bad either. less than 15 for a handcrafted, cute I might add, card – that’s doable.

Some of my next 2016 collection I’m trying for the first time, so I might try 6 to start since it felt very tedious to do 12 of a card I have done multiple times before.

Okay, so maybe I was overdramatic and just not use to working 🙂 I’ll continue to stay on track and make between 60 and 84 cards for this season.