A partnership in the works?

So, Dustin can make some pretty cool stuff with wood. Last December he made snowmen from pallets. This December he was given the task by his friend to make a christmas tree from reclaimed wood. So, it turns out the wood was more water damaged than reclaimed looking, but the final product was still pretty darn good.

After seeing his final product, I started talking to him about us pairing up to sell our creative outputs. In his case, it comes easy, he has efficiency, and we know we have a market. We can reach out to some past coworkers who would be able to take his creations and put their touches on it and make it look fantastic and even more sell-able (is that a word?).

If we start in January – make at least a dozen a month – then by October/November we will be set for holiday sales and not have to work during the holidays. Well, we wouldn’t have to craft during the holiday season, we’d still have to work our regular life paying jobs. (Crafting is our vacation paying jobs – we are looking forward to some pretty nice vacations).

Let’s see what happens in the new year, and what we actually accomplish.