So much time on Research and Design

As I’m working on a new card idea, I’m realizing that Research & Design (R&D) takes A LOT of time. Frankly, I’m not happy with where my card bunting is going, but I’ve invested so much time that I’m just moving forward with it. I know that as time goes on I’ll create some better models than this first one. I also know that this first model isn’t horrible. It just doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies that I’m looking for.

I also worked on some R&D for my mother’s day gifts. That didn’t take too long, but figuring out the bow took a good number of tries.

The R&D portion of a project does make me happy. I feel like a scientist with my trial and errors. Sometimes I have to get myself out of the “box” and consider new ways. And I do always get feedback, and then actually take the feedback. Taking the feedback is hard, but I put my ego aside and realize that the other ideas could work, and it was what I was asking for.

So, R&D is a huge consideration as I continue to try new things and work on what works for me. I look forward to channeling the mad scientist within and creating some outstanding pieces!