Let’s Do This

Hi there, and salutations! Earlier in 2015 I left my job of 7 years and company of 11 years. This action caused stress and health issues that were not anticipated.

After overcoming the unexpected  expected repercussions, I found my craftyness. It started with paper crafts, building cards, and then turned into needle craft, embroidery and cross stitch, later building to sew craft, using the sewing machine downstairs that has absolutely no bells or whistles (and/or I may have broken at some point).

With my initial projects I was figuring it out. Now I am sharing what I do and people are giving me good responses.

So, I figure I’ll share my paper/needle/sew crafts with everyone else and check out their thoughts before any thing else continues.

Thanks for your input and looking forward to sharing more of my creations with everyone!




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